With your support we have been providing solutions for flexible packaging materials to more than 250 companies in 38 countries for more than 50 years.


Until now we have been researching and developing the environmental improvement with the process automatization and creating our systems in collaboration with a lot of companies.The results of our work are widely used in different industries: Gravure Cylinder Making System New FX series, Printed electronics, security printing and medical packaging.Furthermore, we started manufacturing of FXIJ – Ink Jet Printer for Water Based Ink, targeting instant short-run production with the latest high-speed image processing software.FXIJ + NewFX provide further quick response, low cost, environmental improvement and automatization for flexible packaging materials from short-run to up to one million meters long-run production.


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水性インクジェットプリンター「FXIJ type1000 FullAuto」パッケージ一貫製造工場ご紹介

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