Fully Automated Laser Gravure Cylinder Making System / Development and Manufacture of Ink Jet Printer for Flexible Packaging

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Company Information


 With your support we have been providing solutions for flexible packaging materials to more than 250 companies in 38 countries around the world for more than 50 years. Until now we have been researching and developing the environmental improvement with the process automatization and creating our systems in collaboration with a lot of companies. 

 The results of our work are widely used in different industries: Gravure Cylinder Making System New FX series, Printed electronics, security printing and medical packaging.

 Furthermore, we started manufacturing of FXIJ - Ink Jet Printer for Water Based Ink, targeting instant short-run production with the latest high-speed image processing software.

 Starting from the design to software and hardware our products are manufactured internally. At our factory we have sputter film forming equipment, 15 machine tools including large-size machining centers and 3 DLC machines with 2m in diameter and 5m long large-size chamber. 

 Our head factory has 3 gravure cylinder making systems NewFX with maximum daily production of 280 cylinders. Also we have 25,600 dpi laser, large-size cylinder making facility and variety of measuring equipment such as SEM, FIB, ICP to support problem solving.
In addition, we installed a dry non-slovent laminator for water-based inkjet printers FXIJ, so it became possible to provide another direct packaging solution to our costumers. 

 FXIJ + NewFX provide further quick response, low cost, environmental improvement and automatization for flexible packaging materials from short-run to up to one million meters long-run production.

 From production to creation. 

 Realize new innovations along with our costumers.

Think Laboratory Co., Ltd.  President Tatsuo Shigeta

Company Profile

Company name Think Laboratory Co., Ltd.
Founded November 1, 1966
Capital  47,25 million yen

Head Office Factory

1201-11 Takada, Kashiwa City, Chiba



TEL +81-(0)4-7143-6760 (Representative)

FAX +81-(0)4-7146-0566


Second Factory

610-1 Toyofuta Kashiwa City, Chiba



TEL +81-(0)4-7147-8687


Osaka Factory

3-9-41 Mizuhai, Higashi Osaka-shi, Osaka



TEL +81-(0)72-961-4020

FAX +81-(0)72-961-4019

Number of employees  140 people
Business content

・ Development, design, manufacture and sale of automated laser gravure plate making system New FX
・Development, manufacture and sale of photosensitive solutions and other consumable chemicals used in the above device
・Microprinting for electronic parts

・Production and sale of molding rolls

Departments 【Planning】Domestic and overseas system proposals
【Manufacturing】Parts manufacturing by large machine tools
【Assembly】Machine assembly, installation maintenance
【Electric】Software and robots related
【Design】Machine design, new machines development
【Development】Chemicals development
Procurement】Related material procurement, parts management
【General Affairs/Accounting】Employee Management, Financial Management
Board members President  Tatsuo Shigeta
Senior Vice President Kaku Shigeta
Director Shintaro Sugawara 
Executive Officer Mitsuru Yamaguchi
Executive Officer Ryota Morisaki 
Executive Officer Shingo Hara
Executive Officer Eiji Takahashi
Executive Officer Etsuji Yamagami 
Executive Officer Takayuki Yamada
Executive Officer Takahisa Chiba
Corporate Auditor Makoto Sugiyama
Corporate Auditor Kazuo Nagatsuma
Customers 250 companies in 38 countries


1966 Think Laboratory Co., Ltd. established in Osaki Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo
1970 Moved to Kashiwa city, Chiba.
1977 Gravure plate making machine "System 77" released.
1982 DRUPA first exhibition. "Boomerang" using an overhead traveling crane presented.
1983 Launched laser direct drawing type direct gravure plate making machine "LaserStream".
1990 Head office moved to the current location (Kashiwa City Takada). The former head office became Second Factory.
2002 Established the Osaka factory (Higashiosaka city). Expansion of service to the Kansai area.
2003 Launched "Laser stream FX" equipped with 830 nm semiconductor laser.
2006 Supplied gravure cylinders for plasma display electrode printing to Samsung SDI company.
2010 Announced "NewFX" transporting cylinder by robot which allowed to half the installation area.
2016 Presented FXIJ water-based ink jet printer for flexible packaging.


Main Factory (1201-11 Takada, Kashiwa City, Chiba 277-0861)

■ When using a car

About 10 minutes from Joban Expressway 【Kashiwa IC】
■ When using a train
① About 10 minutes by taxi from Tsukuba Express 【Nagareyama Ootaka no Mori Station】
②About 10 minutes by taxi or bus from Tsukuba Express 【Kashiwanoha Campus Station】West Exit
※ Bus: To Kashiwa station West Exit, Get off at [Kinzoku Kogyo Danchi-mae stop]
③ About 10 minutes by taxi or from JR [Kashiwa Station]  West Exit Terminal
※ Bus: To Kashiwanoha Park / To National Cancer Center / Kashiwanoha Campus Station, Get off at [Kinzoku Kogyo Danchi-mae stop]

Osaka Factory (3-9-41 Mizuhai, Higashi Osaka-shi Osaka 578-0921)

■ When using a car
About 10 minutes from Hanshin Expressway No. 13 Higashi Osaka line [Mizuhai IC]

■ When using a train
About 8 minutes on foot from Kintetsu Keihanna Line [Yoshida Station] (about 650 m)

Environmental Initiatives

We have been researching and developing the environmental improvement with the process automatization and creating our systems in collaboration with a lot of companies. 

As a result, we managed to reduce the amount of used inks up to 20% with new technology applied to our products.

Furthermore, along with the latest high-speed image processing software, by development of the water-based inkjet printer FXIJ we reached more safety and work environment comfort.

Moreover, we are using natural energy from solar panels installed on the rooftop of the factory,