New FX series

FXIJ series

Printed Electronics

   Our company have a laser engraving technology for microprinting cylinders manufacturing. By the roll-to-roll method it can be applied to the production of low-cost, high-speed and high-quality micro devices as various electronic parts and security printing.
   Plate surface is formed by high resolution laser (25,600 dpi).  Besides that, it is possible to produce coating rolls and high-quality forming rolls. Size corresponds to face length 400 ~ 2,500 mm, circumference 160 ~ 3, 300 mm.

   Furthermore, DLC film formation processing is possible with all rolls because of the high precision of the plate surface.

Demo System / Sample Production

We have both New FX and FXIJ equipped in our factory for discussing system installation, any test cylinder making, and operational training. We also provide analysis services for chemicals for all the system users. For details, please contact the following.


For inquiries and purchases concerning our consumable products, please use the mail form.

FX-eco Project

We are conducting a prepress service so more people can realize new technologies that greatly improved ink, VOC and CO2 reduction during gravure printing.

<About service>
We will send the FX-eco cylinder free of charge if you provide the data, printing sample and cylinder that are actually produced in your company by the mechanical engraving.
In addition, we will also include embedded dot code ※ to the design.
During the printing test we will assist you with ink reduction amount, concentration and VOC measurement.

<Supported cylinder size>
Surface length: 700 ~ 1,350 mm
Circumference: 430 ~ 942 mm
Hole diameter: 75 ~ 100 mm